La Possession – Réunion

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Shops, housing and offices

A major centre of attraction in Réunion

La Kanopée will rise up from the town centre in La Possession. The complex is a mixed project that will combine shops, offices and housing. The town in the north-west of the island will thus become the first town centre to have an open-air shopping mall.

A shopping centre open to the sky, La Kanopée restructures the central district of La Possession. The project brings new momentum to a town recognised as the first overseas Smart City.

This new architectural jewel will become a major hub for the whole town and for this part of the island. Ultimately, the shopping centre will invigorate the town’s economic fabric, by creating a sustainable, attractive and intelligently managed town: with 5,000 m² of shopping space, 3,300 m² of offices including a co-working space, 2,700 m² of health facilities and two broad esplanades.

Supported by new smart city technologies, the new space will meet the needs of both residents and businesses by offering an attractive, secure setting. The food market in the surrounding area is estimated at 80 million euros by 2022.